Its Italian architecture provides an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. Located on the trendiest street of the city—Senador Long—this boutique shopping mall invites its visitors to discover the latest trends in fashion, beauty and decoration; and this street contains dozens of high fashion clothing stores, restaurants and bars that are frequented by chic crowds of all ages, both during the day and at night.



Since its opening in 2001, Via Allegra has been the stage for exclusive events and activities where protagonism is shared with brands, coolhunters and the public in general.

Cocktails, concerts and brand launches

Via Allegra provides the ideal environment for cocktails, concerts and brand launches. Thus, besides hosting launch parties for its shops new products and brands, Via Allegra has also hosted elegant fashion shows organized by renowned companies and individuals such as Paraguay Alta Moda, “Paseo Sedal”, Fabiana Casadio, and Roberto Pineiro, which have in turn been broadcasted by important broadcast media like E! Entertainment. In addition, Via Allegra has also surprised its clients throughout the years with prize draws for luxurious gifts from its exclusive shops, as well as trips to exotic destinations.

Special dates

Likewise, Via Allegra carries out different activities that change year by year on special dates such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, surprising its clients with direct benefits from their purchases.



Paseo Via Allegra

Administration & Rentals

For information on the organization of events(e.g. fashion shows) inside the paseo, please contact the administration on Paseo Vía Allegra at:

  Senador Long esq. Tte. Vera




           Juan Valdez Café:
           Monday to Saturday: 9:00hs -20:00hs. Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00hs
           Other Shops:
           Monday to Saturday: 8:30hs -20:30hs
           Office hours:
           Monday to Friday: 8:00hs - 16:00hs.

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